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The citizenship-by-investment programme enables non-EU citizens to obtain full Cypriot citizenship by investing a prescribed amount in real estate and meeting certain other requirements. Successful applicants gain the right to live, work and study in all 28 EU member countries. 

In September 2016, changes were made that include the reduction of the minimum investment amount to EUR 2 million (from EUR 2.5 million), together with the possibility of including the parents of the main applicant provided that an additional EUR 500,000 + VAT is invested for the purchase of a private residence in Cyprus. 

Any non-Cypriot citizen may apply if they meet the relevant investment criteria. Application may be undertake as an individual, or as a shareholder or a senior manager of a company or companies in which the applicant involved.

 We will be pleased to provide more detailed information upon request, and through our associates, we are able to carry out the entire application process from start to finish quickly and efficiently.

High Quality of Life

Cyprus offers an enviable lifestyle in a safe, clean and healthy environment with high living standards. Low crime levels, year-round sunshine, centuries of art and culture, and a delicious gastronomy all contribute to a high quality of life.

Safety is amongst the biggest advantages of Cyprus, which has been ranked the safest smaller country in ValuePenguin’s Safest Countries in the world (2015) and fifth worldwide.

Cyprus is a modern, cosmopolitan, transparent business centre offering opportunities for investment across a wide range of sectors.

In Cyprus, laws and regulations, systems and infrastructures, are all continuously enhanced to ensure we remain one step ahead. Cyprus is committed to offering a high-quality service in a duly regulated environment in order to ensure the best possible experience for investors and business people worldwide.  

The fast-track Permanent Residence Programme enables the granting of a permanent residence permit to foreigners who intend to invest in Cyprus, provided that the following requirements are met:

Residential or other property with minimum market value of € 300,000 + VAT purchased in Cyprus

Secured annual income from abroad and from sources other than employment in Cyprus

Funds transferred from abroad and deposited in a Cyprus Bank in a three year Fixed Deposit Account

The residence permit holder must visit Cyprus at least once every two years to maintain his/her status


No language requirements

Cyprus is a common law jurisdiction

Property acquired is freehold

No inheritance tax

Low property tax

Reduced 5% VAT

Strategic location: at the crossroads of three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe Access to beaches, mild climate, and tourist destinations in Cyprus Lowest crime rate in Europe

High-standard educational institutions and healthcare facilities

Advanced infrastructure and modern airports with connections to all major destinations.