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Grand Valley Residences - Update


Limassol itself has a rich and diverse history, although little evidence survives as progressive modernisation has taken place. Evidence that still exists indicates a sophisticated early society founded on trade and agriculture. Many ancient sites have been discovered and these are now protected monuments that form the foundation of the region’s cultural history and the basis of fantastic myths and legends. The modern city centres on Limassol Castle and the Old Port. From there a web of narrow streets contain old, shuttered houses of the once-rich traders standing side-by-side with modern shops and boutiques. This area is abuzz with cafes, bars and restaurants. Not far away is the international business hub, where global companies are headquartered and where a 24-hour trade takes place. The new Limassol Marina has added an atmosphere of cosmopolitan glamour and opulence, and this is just the start of a major development programme which will see Limassol elevated to the jewel of the Eastern Mediterranean. As the region enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters, it is not surprising that Limassol is also one of the Mediterranean’s premier holiday resorts.

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